Yasin Soliman

Yasin Soliman

I'm Yasin, a security analyst and researcher from the UK. This is my personal blog for sharing technical findings. I also write for Graham Cluley and Tripwire.

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Yasin SolimanYasin Soliman

Hi, I'm Yasin Soliman, a security analyst from the UK. This is my personal blog for sharing bug bounty writeups, research findings, and other developments.



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A developed summary can be found on LinkedIn, with my personal description reproduced below:

Yasin Soliman is a security analyst with a passion for learning through experience, embarking on new challenges and helping others. A reliable and approachable individual with the capacity to persevere and readily show initiative, Yasin has always been driven by the desire to make a genuine difference in every aspect of his work.

In striving to overcome the obstacles that he encounters while always remaining perceptive to new ideas, it becomes apparent that dedication to personal development underpins Yasin's values.